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2022 Farm Financial Data

The FINBIN database has been updated to include 2022 farm financial reports for several farm business management programs across the country. Overall, farms saw continued financial improvement in 2022. Median net farm income for the farms in the database reached $185,554 in 2022. 2022 saw almost a 10% improvement in profitability over 2021, and when adjusted for inflation, 2022 farm profits were the second highest among the historical records. The average farm saw continued improvement in working capital, repayment capacity, and retained earnings. Repayment capacity, solvency, and financial efficiency performance also remained strong. You can use FINBIN’s summary reports to see the financial results for all farms by type or size of farm. Or, run a benchmark report to compare your farm to a group of farms similar to yours.

Cover crop work continues in 2022

In 2021, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Farm Financial Management partnered with Environmental Defense Fund to establish a financial data-gathering process for cover crops. As a result of this continuing effort, more Cover Crop Impact reports are now available in FINBIN.

Look at the following reports to compare corn and soybeans grown with and without cover crops in Minnesota in 2022. Each report contains four columns to compare the impact cover crop production has on enterprise profitability.

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