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2023 Farm Financial Data

The FINBIN database has been updated to include 2023 farm financial reports for the Minnesota farm business management programs. Minnesota farmers experienced a drastic reduction in farm income in 2023 primarily caused by decreasing prices for corn, soybean, and other commodities and challenging profitability for the dairy and hog sectors.

After three years of strong profits, the overall median net farm income for Minnesota farms fell to $44,719 in 2023, marking a return to the challenging levels faced from 2013 to 2019. This was down over 76% from the prior year. The average Minnesota farm saw a reduction in working capital, stagnant retained earnings, and limited profitability for the year. Crop yields were close to average for Minnesota, despite difficult growing conditions across much of the state. But the prices for corn, soybeans, milk and pork fell during the year, causing an economic storm for many producers in Minnesota.

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Cover crop work continues in 2023

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Farm Financial Management partnered with Environmental Defense Fund in 2021 to establish a financial data-gathering process for cover crops. As a result of this continuing effort, Cover Crop Impact reports are now available in FINBIN for 2022 and 2023 crop production years.

Look at the following reports to compare corn and soybeans grown with and without cover crops in Minnesota in 2023. Each report contains four columns to compare the impact cover crop production has on enterprise profitability. A more detailed report related to the economics of cover crops will be available later this spring.

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